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ImageLately there has been a large circulation of public relations campaigns. Dove has based their campaign off of soft sexy skin. The Obamacare campaign has appealed to an audience that doesn’t usually get attention. However, I am going to discuss the public relations elements of a PR campaign that I am fondly impressed with; Papa John’s. Papa John’s Pizza has recently become recognizable by their relatively new slogan; “Better ingredients, better pizza, Papa John’s.” The company has brought the founder and CEO, John Schnatter, into every commercial. This has had an emotional and ethical appeal to the audience by showing how involved the founder still is and that he cares about improving the business. Schnatter bought back his 1971 Chevy Camaro, which he originally sold in order to start the business to also appeal to audiences.

Undoubtedly one of the most impressive elements that Papa John’s used to relate to the public is their texting promotion. Customers can now text in their ordesr to Papa John’s and watch a progress tracker to see when it will be ready. Their PR professionals knew that this would catch the people’s attention because we are a generation highly based on technology. Also, the slogan itself sends a message to the public. It says, “We are using better, more fresh ingredients to improve our pizza.”

When Bloggers started to criticize the founder for discussing Obamacare, Papa John’s reached out to bloggers and asked them to correct or change their comments.  The company has begun to take bloggers more seriously, treating them as part of the media landscape and calling them on their posts, which in return, makes bloggers feel more important and they start to pay attention.

Papa John’s has taken many steps to imrpove their relationship and attraction to the public eye, and in my opinion, they have gone about it in an impressive way.


30 thoughts on “Public Relations & Campaigns

  1. I love that customers can text in their orders! Papa Johns seems to be ahead of the competition in this regard. As far as the CEO’s comments about Obamacare, I 100% support his right as the owner of a private company to express his views, but I can’t help but wonder if bringing politics into pizza is necessarily a good idea. Also, I did not know that they interacted with bloggers that much – but I agree that it is a good way to reach out to customers.

  2. Interesting post, I agree 100%. I feel that the PR department over at Papa John’s hit a home run when they made the decision to make the founder, Mr.Schnatter, highly visible in every ad. By making “John” visible in all the ads the consumer can put a face to every pizza that is delivered which helps to develop the illusion of a personal connection with the Papa John’s franchise. This along with the mantra “we are using better, more fresh ingredients to improve our pizza” makes Papa Johns differ from its competition and shows that from the founder and down the chain those affiliated with Papa John’s stand behind their product.

  3. This post was great to read and really informational. I am impressed with all the forms of Public Relations they are putting out. From customers being able to text their orders in to Papa Johns reaching out to bloggers. The fact that this pizza company is out reaching to let everyone know how much they are trying and really want to get involved with what the people want. I feel that it is not only for their imagine and business but I feel like Papa John’s really does care so they really reached me on that emotional level.

  4. Your post was great! I want to order Papa Johns now! I didn’t know you could keep up with your order through text. I also love that the Papa Johns owner is as active as he is with the stores. It shows his loyalty and love for his company, workers, and the people that buy his pizza. I really enjoyed your post and can’t wait to read more!

  5. I had no idea how much work Papa John’s had put into improving their business! I am constantly seeing the commercials, however I never thought much about it. Now that you have pointed it out to me I commend them for taking such great lengths to reach out to their audience. It is very rare that the founder/CEO has anything to do with advertising these days, I think it shows how dedicated to his company he is and that is admirable. Next time i’ve got a pizza craving they will be getting my business!

  6. This is very interesting! I had no idea that Papa John’s was this advanced when it came to their PR team. I personally love Pap John’s pizza and I know that it is because of their slogan and marketing regardless of my opinion concerning their pizza or the actual quality of the pizza. The Papa Johns team is reaching out to the people which is very important. I think that when a company gives you a survey or asks a thousand questions, that is less connected and not personal. When I am asked to do surveys and those types of things I feel like I am looked at to be a number. The fact that Papa John’s is talking to people about other things besides just pizza makes the customer feel as if they have a personal relationship and feels a connection with the people that work there. I have learned that people like having relationships and feeling like you are relateable. This post honestly made me like Papa John’s more!

  7. This is very impressive! Papa Johns along with other companies need to take their bloggers serious. Bloggers are just as important as any other form of social media because people might think it is more personal. With a blogger you are talking to the person who usually has experienced the problem/issue faced to them. I am impressed that Papa Johns in reaching out to their customers and talking to them about more than just pizza, they are actually getting involved.

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  11. Such a great point! I have noticed Papa Johns stepping up their promoting game, and in such a great way! I love that they are using many of the social media aspects and taking it on in such a positive way. It seems very honest and makes the customers satisfied. After reading your post I realized how much they really did step up in their PR department. I also think it was so smart for creating their new commercials with the CEO promoting the company and discussing what changes they have made to better not only the company but make the customers happy and continue to purchase their pizza. I had no idea you could text in your order now, that’s really smart! So easy to do, I’m sure their company has made great progress in sales lately due to all the smart changes that were made.

  12. First of all, I think its great that Papa John’s is changing with the generations. Since we are becoming more and more dependent on technology, companies have to adapt in order to get business. I also think that bringing in the founder and CEO of the company was a great idea. Many times, we think that the people high up in companies don’t care what goes on anymore. It makes people feel important that he cares about their satisfaction. Also, the “Better ingredients, better pizza, Papa johns” slogan draws peoples attention. So many pizza places are worried about time rather than quality and that is not a good way to advertise.
    Emily Daniel

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  14. I agree Papa Johns really is a head of the curve when it comes to connecting with the public. I was unaware that you could text in your orders but I know that they can text you deals. They apparently have a great team when it comes to knowing their audience and what they like. Another example is Papa Johns and the Superbowl. They had a coin toss contest and if you guessed correctly you got a free pizza. Papa Johns definitely seems to pay attention to what people want and how to get it to them.

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  16. I really enjoyed reading this blog! I like how they are using peoples blogs as response to their pizzas. When it comes to food, it should be about quality, not the amount of time it took to get your food.
    Good quality is key! 😉

    Chelsea Smith

  17. Wow! Papa John’s is really on the ball when it comes to their PR. I think its very interesting how they are trying to appeal and reach out to bloggers. That is a growing area these days (otherwise we would not be doing these posts for class). The fact that Papa John’s asks bloggers to fact-check their posts shows how much they recognize blogging as a legitimate form of media.

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  19. I love that you talked about a company that is so well established people may not realized it was taking strides to change with the time. Considering that we are now living in the age of technology, I think it is important for all businesses to consider that and do what they can to better utilize this technology to communicate with their customers. I think you brought up a lot of great points and I am glad you brought this to my attention!

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  22. I’ve noticed that the CEO has been in every commercial and you’re right, there is more of an emotional and ethical appeal because it shows that he cares and is involved upfront in his stores. I didn’t know that you could keep up with your order through text though, that’s awesome! Papa Johns really is getting more involved with their customers and it makes a huge difference! Domino’s who? 🙂

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  25. I have also noticed that Papa John’s has stepped up their game! They have so many competitors now especially after domino’s stepped up their game. Creating the commercials with the CEO is a good idea because it makes customers feel like they really care about how we see their company. I didn’t know that you can text your order in for Papa John’s! That is great!

  26. Papa John’s is my favorite type of pizza and I think you can really taste their slogan, which makes me connect with the company more. I love the new innovations they are making in ordering technology, and I agree that having the founder out there makes us feel closer to him and the company, creating a more friendly feel.

  27. Your post was awesome. Papa John’s services are getting better and I love their food. I totally agree with Papa John’s slogan.It is always great to see the people at the top of pyramid being hands-on with their company and it makes you believe in their services even more.Papa John’s way of running their business is bringing them a lot of customer satisfaction. I see that I am not the only person you likes Papa John’s.

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