Knowing The Basics of PR is a Must

Public Relations are a set of skills that every business man or woman should learn and endure. The effect of good public relations is to lessen the gap between how an organization sees itself and how others outside the organization perceive it. This is a notion that is important no matter what field your profession is in. (Public Relations, 2013) Any profession will have to respond and communicate to the public more times than none. A conference, meeting, broadcast, commercial, advertisement, etc. are occurrences where businessmen will need to know the basics of public relations/ communications.

For example, a student that majored in journalism is writing a new novel. This novel is going to need publicity and exposure to increase its sales. Taking an intro to public relations course would inform the author the effective routes to take to make their book a number one seller. A PR course would teach the basics of customer relations, media relations, brand awareness, and how to create buzz. The author could publicize their book through social media sites, and communicating with the right crowd. (5 Benefits of PR)

I believe that knowing the fundamentals of PR is beneficial for any professional. Knowing how to communicate through your company or business is a skill that will set you apart from others on a day to day basis.


8 thoughts on “Knowing The Basics of PR is a Must

  1. I agree that with the idea that you have about Public Relations being beneficial to all business professionals. I believe that Public Relations is more so a set of skills that any professional can adopt to further the success of their business and connect better with the public. As a journalism major, the example that you noted about the journalism student needing to use skills from PR to sell his book I can agree. Taking this intro to PR course has taught me many skills that I can use to make myself a better journalist, strengthen my relationship with future PR professionals I may have to work with, and also employ skills that would make me a better business owner if I desired to go that route in the future . I agree that an into to PR course includes skills and knowledge that can benefit all industries and professionals in some way.

  2. Lindsey, your post is spot-on. Many people think that PR is just that, but the tasks of PR professionals overlap with other fields such as journalism, advertising and marketing. Understanding every element of PR is something you can only obtain through an introductory course.

  3. Public relations is important for any business person to know. The skills of a PR specialist is important because it is all about building a relationship and keeping that relationship. Having good communication skills is important for any career because it is all about making your company look good or your companies product to look good. I believe it is important for any college graduate to take an Intro to PR coarse!

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  7. You did a really job job of explaining PR and what it is really all about, considering no one really knows. I agree with you that PR people, and any professional, needs to know the basics of their field. There is nothing more frustrating to me than trying to deal with someone who doesn’t know how to properly do they job. It’s hard for me to respect someone that doesn’t know how to do their job because they, obviously, don’t have enough respect for you to learn how to do their job to the best of their ability.

    -Emily McGuire

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