The Garden of the Coastal Plain- assignment #9

The Garden of the Coastal Plain


            Bland Cottage firmly sits on a foundation of young love and hard work. With long white panels, original green shutters, and tall southern columns, the cottage holds the history of Dan and Catherine Bland.

In the early twentieth century at the First District Agriculture and Medical School, which is now Georgia Southern University, Dan met Catherine Amelia O’Neil. It wasn’t long before Catherine O’Neil became Mrs. Bland. Together, the Blands took over several acres of farm land to serve as the foundation for their lives together. A tenant house quickly transformed into Bland cottage where the couple spent the remainder of their lives, a large rustic barn was built to hold their livestock, a small garage to hold Dan’s cars, and an ice box that oddly resembles a chicken coop was added to the miles and miles of the farms acres.

“It is truly amazing to see these original structures still standing in the garden. They offer a bit of authentic aestheticism that makes the garden even more special,” Kathy Tucker, garden director said.

Dan Bland, a man of many trades, is recognized not only as a famer, but a botanist and naturalist. Through his botanic skills, the acres of sweet green grass that stretched for miles, were molded into a terrene of beauty with sky scraping trees and blooming flowers that surrounded every corner.

In 1985, the Blands left six of their 57 acres to Georgia Southern University’s foundation. Within these six acres lies the Garden of the Coastal Plain. The botanical garden effortlessly captivates the naturalism and earthly beauty of the Southern plains. Open for 25 years, the garden continues to spread its history and is kept alive through the efforts and support of the surrounding community.


Thoughts on a Media Release with Emotional Appeal

FirstTeeofStPaulatHighlandGroupphoto First Tee Swings into Birmingham City Schools—Helping Students Link Golf Skills with Life Lessons Press Release)

The First Tee press release offered a large impact towards the program itself, as well as associated companies. The construction of this release in particular, was very well thought out and put together. The release starts out with basic and important facts about the First Tee program, the schools that will be adopting this program and the power companies that are subsidizing the program as well as the Birmingham schools.

As the release goes on and the facts are being listed, there is almost a story being intertwined among the ‘dry’ information. The story focuses on the young children within the schools that will reap the benefits of the First Tee program. Crafting a story among improving children’s lives is always an ample tactic to pull on a reader’s emotional strings. Towards the end of the media release, not only does the text narrow in on the accomplishments and company propositions, but it wraps up with fragments of generic and historic information about to First Tee program. This media release did a lot of good for all companies mentioned as well as the schools in the Birmingham area by granting them a sufficient amount of publicity.

A Close Reading into Georgia Southern Magazine

Georgia Southern University has many student media magazines including The Reflector, The Micellany, and FM Magazine. Recently I discovered that there is an online magazine pertaining to ‘all things Georgia Southern.’ I came across this online magazine while doing an assignment for my public relations writing course. It has articles in different sections such as news, research, and athletics.

One article in the magazine that I selected to read was titled “A Conversation with the Carters.” This article is an interview style piece that was written after former president, Jimmy Carter, and first lady Rosalynn Carter, came to speak at Georgia Southern University. This article stuck out to me because of the subject matter and the style of the writing. The fact that such a famous president, such as Jimmy Carter, visited our school, is enough to make this article news worthy. The construction of the article is a series of Q and A’s with Jimmy Carter and a member from the magazine, which makes this piece more interesting than others because it is more personal with Jimmy Carter. I interpreted that the target audience for this article was people who could not attend the event, or for anyone in the Georgia Southern community.

A second article that I read from the magazine was “Georgia Southern Alumnus Searches for Major League Baseball’s Next Big Thing.” Articles like this one are what bring recognition to our school. Dustin Evans, a GSU alumnus, is now a scout for the Seattle Mariners, and is searching for new players to draft. This article really hits home for a lot of people in the Southern community because it shows how such great things are born from within our school. Evans is a former player for the GSU Eagles and as well as the Atlanta Braves. Having an alumnus who has accomplished something so special really inspires a lot of students and prospective students to love Georgia Southern.

Georgia Southern has had many famous public figures graduate from the university. Often times, the school is the foundation for the person’s talents and creations. Michael Knight, who was on Project Runway, and now has his own fashion line, is another example of a famous alumnus. Even with the attendance of Jimmy Carter as a guest speaker, having people like this is what inspires students and really makes them appreciate their school. As far as the Fall 2013 issue, I hope that Georgia Southern Magazine continues to focus on important events like the ones mentioned previously.Image