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Theory of a Deadpan/ PRogression- Blog Entry #4
My Response:

“I agree with you one-hundred percent. The fact that you brought up that these communication skills are helping businesses stay in business is a great point. You are absolutely right when you say that if businesses didn’t know how to effectively communicate with their costumers and project a positive image for themselves, that they wouldn’t be successful. Even more so because alot of smaller businesses don’t have the funds to higher PR professionals, they must take on those responsabilities for themselves. I liked that you incorporated the theme of teamwork into this post. I had never thought of that before, and yes, I imagine it would be very difficult to stay in business if you can’t work well and communicate amongst others.”

Briana Davis- Securing a Job in PR
My Response:

“Briana, first of all, way to go on your experience! The fact that you already have had three internships is great. I completely agree with you on all six points that you made. You shouldn’t doubt checking job postings as not being a way to secure a job. I think that constantly checking new job posts is a great way to snag a job, especially if you are one of the first people to see it and apply. It is also a good way to get an internship. I like that you are constantly seeking new networking opportunities, as am I. Especially being college students, it is crucial that we stay on out A game in terms of networking. You are exactly right when you say “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.””

Krystal McMath- Public relations>Event Planning
My Response:

“Krystal, I really enjoyed reading this post. I am with the George-Anne now in student media, and I completely agree, it isn’t necessarily the type of writing that we all dream about. I had a chance to write and design a few pages for the reflector this semester and I had far more fun doing that then I have ever had writing for the news paper. I think that this concept closely ties into oublic relations. Having imagination, having an eye for design, being able to write creatively, and advertising as you would when assembling a magazine, are all great skills to have in PR. These are especially great skills to have with the direction that you are moving toward; Event Planning.”

Eden Smith- Promoting Diversity at Events
My Response:

Eden, I am glad you chose this topic to blog about. It’s crazy to think that even a church, which isn’t a business, uses public relations tactics. It is wonderful that Connections has facebook and Twitter pages to reach out to potential church goers. The fact that they use these forms of social media are great promotional uses for their church and this very heavily coincides with PR. Connection is connecting with the public no matter how diverse their public may be. It is also beneficial that they hand out cards and flyers which any business would do in the field of Public Relations.

The Devil Wears PRada- Reaction to Guest Speakers
My Response:

I agree that have the opportunity to ask our own questions about the realities of PR was a great one to have. When you mentioned the crisis management issues of Intercontinental Hotel Groups, deaths or suicides wouldn’t have even crossed my mind. This really opened my eyes to the number or crisis’ that could happen throughout different businesses. I also liked that they speakers were from completely different areas of PR, it really showed us all of the opportunities that we have. Great post!

Adventures of Intro to PR- Scandal is it Good for PR?
My Response:

I’m glad that you brought up this topic. Even if it isn’t public relations, the media is ALWAYS portraying things in false light. I agree that Scandal does have some good portions of PR displayed throughout the show, but I think that people need to look past that. Kerry Washington is dishonest, like Krystal said, and she participates in illegal actions to cover up mistakes that she makes in her profession. This is not what the reality of Public Relations really is. I understand that the media needs events like these to gain show veiwer’s intererests, but I hope that the public doesn’t really see PR in this way.


Knowing The Basics of PR is a Must

Public Relations are a set of skills that every business man or woman should learn and endure. The effect of good public relations is to lessen the gap between how an organization sees itself and how others outside the organization perceive it. This is a notion that is important no matter what field your profession is in. (Public Relations, 2013) Any profession will have to respond and communicate to the public more times than none. A conference, meeting, broadcast, commercial, advertisement, etc. are occurrences where businessmen will need to know the basics of public relations/ communications.

For example, a student that majored in journalism is writing a new novel. This novel is going to need publicity and exposure to increase its sales. Taking an intro to public relations course would inform the author the effective routes to take to make their book a number one seller. A PR course would teach the basics of customer relations, media relations, brand awareness, and how to create buzz. The author could publicize their book through social media sites, and communicating with the right crowd. (5 Benefits of PR)

I believe that knowing the fundamentals of PR is beneficial for any professional. Knowing how to communicate through your company or business is a skill that will set you apart from others on a day to day basis.

PR Professionals as Guest Speakers

Last Friday we had a number of PR professionals come into our classroom to talk about their jobs. Each speaker’s profession was completely different from one another even though they all worked in the public relations field.

The first speaker that I had the pleasure of listening to was Hayley Green. Hayley is the marketing director and PR professional of the Bulloch County Board of Education. She shared with me what her daily routine is like and some occurrences of crisis management. She explained that during the summer there isn’t much for her to do because school is no longer in session, but when school starts back up again, they are very busy. Hayley mentioned that a lot of different cultures are being immersed into the school system and that she is trying to make them feel more comfortable with theme nights. She publicizes different theme nights for different cultured students and their parents. Some of the situations that she had to deal with crisis control were when fire drills would go off without warning. Also last year there was an inappropriate sexual affair with a teacher and a student that she had to manage.

The second speaker that I was able to hear from was Lindsay Cameron, with Intercontinental Hotel Groups. Her job was most interesting to me because she spoke about the entertainment aspects within her job. Her company plans parties and a giant conference in Las Vegas every year. She also talked about how she is able to travel to major cities throughout the year. Her job is to take the group of hotels she works with, which was specifically the different branches of Holiday Inn, and make them appeal to the public.

What I learned from these two speakers was that there are many, many different opportunities within the field of public relations. I learned that mostly every department of the workforce need public relations professionals and that there are several different branches of public relations that you can work for, including social media sites, promotional materials, lobbyists, etc.

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Public Relations & Campaigns

ImageLately there has been a large circulation of public relations campaigns. Dove has based their campaign off of soft sexy skin. The Obamacare campaign has appealed to an audience that doesn’t usually get attention. However, I am going to discuss the public relations elements of a PR campaign that I am fondly impressed with; Papa John’s. Papa John’s Pizza has recently become recognizable by their relatively new slogan; “Better ingredients, better pizza, Papa John’s.” The company has brought the founder and CEO, John Schnatter, into every commercial. This has had an emotional and ethical appeal to the audience by showing how involved the founder still is and that he cares about improving the business. Schnatter bought back his 1971 Chevy Camaro, which he originally sold in order to start the business to also appeal to audiences.

Undoubtedly one of the most impressive elements that Papa John’s used to relate to the public is their texting promotion. Customers can now text in their ordesr to Papa John’s and watch a progress tracker to see when it will be ready. Their PR professionals knew that this would catch the people’s attention because we are a generation highly based on technology. Also, the slogan itself sends a message to the public. It says, “We are using better, more fresh ingredients to improve our pizza.”

When Bloggers started to criticize the founder for discussing Obamacare, Papa John’s reached out to bloggers and asked them to correct or change their comments.  The company has begun to take bloggers more seriously, treating them as part of the media landscape and calling them on their posts, which in return, makes bloggers feel more important and they start to pay attention.

Papa John’s has taken many steps to imrpove their relationship and attraction to the public eye, and in my opinion, they have gone about it in an impressive way.

Public Relations VS Publicity

ImagePublicity and public relations are often mistaken as being one in the same. This is because in large part they both start with the word ‘public’. While these two terms share many characteristics, they also have many aspects that separate them from one another.

Public relations is often communally seen as being the actions of a corporation, organization, government, individual, etc., in promoting goodwill between itself and the public or community.

Publicity is defined as being extensively mentioned in the news media and the state of being public, or open to general observation or knowledge.

I have always seen public relations as being more of a process that goes beyond media coverage. There are many steps that attribute to public relations. Marketing, advertising, crisis management, research, and campaigns are all diverse aspects to the field of PR. Whereas publicity is more of just the adjective of being public. It is being known and heavily recognized in society. The more someone or something is shown in popular media spectrums, the more publicity they possess.

Example of PR

An example of Public relations that is more relevant to the students of Georgia Southern is the Aspen Heights Campaign. Aspen Heights has put out a commercial, given out t-shirts and other objects, opened an office, created a Facebook page, etc. The organization has done all of these things to appeal to college students and to make them want to jump on the Aspen Heights bandwagon.

Example of publicity

Recently there was a controversy at the presidential inauguration speech. Beyonce performed at the inauguration and there were some faults with the recording of the vocals. The media blew up with coverage of the performance and it was conspired that Beyonce was lip singing. This is an example of publicity because if it wasn’t such a huge celebrity, like Beyonce, the media would not have cared that deeply. This whole ordeal gave her even more publicity because she was seen all over the news.