Thoughts on a Media Release with Emotional Appeal

FirstTeeofStPaulatHighlandGroupphoto First Tee Swings into Birmingham City Schools—Helping Students Link Golf Skills with Life Lessons Press Release)

The First Tee press release offered a large impact towards the program itself, as well as associated companies. The construction of this release in particular, was very well thought out and put together. The release starts out with basic and important facts about the First Tee program, the schools that will be adopting this program and the power companies that are subsidizing the program as well as the Birmingham schools.

As the release goes on and the facts are being listed, there is almost a story being intertwined among the ‘dry’ information. The story focuses on the young children within the schools that will reap the benefits of the First Tee program. Crafting a story among improving children’s lives is always an ample tactic to pull on a reader’s emotional strings. Towards the end of the media release, not only does the text narrow in on the accomplishments and company propositions, but it wraps up with fragments of generic and historic information about to First Tee program. This media release did a lot of good for all companies mentioned as well as the schools in the Birmingham area by granting them a sufficient amount of publicity.


A Close Reading into Georgia Southern Magazine

Georgia Southern University has many student media magazines including The Reflector, The Micellany, and FM Magazine. Recently I discovered that there is an online magazine pertaining to ‘all things Georgia Southern.’ I came across this online magazine while doing an assignment for my public relations writing course. It has articles in different sections such as news, research, and athletics.

One article in the magazine that I selected to read was titled “A Conversation with the Carters.” This article is an interview style piece that was written after former president, Jimmy Carter, and first lady Rosalynn Carter, came to speak at Georgia Southern University. This article stuck out to me because of the subject matter and the style of the writing. The fact that such a famous president, such as Jimmy Carter, visited our school, is enough to make this article news worthy. The construction of the article is a series of Q and A’s with Jimmy Carter and a member from the magazine, which makes this piece more interesting than others because it is more personal with Jimmy Carter. I interpreted that the target audience for this article was people who could not attend the event, or for anyone in the Georgia Southern community.

A second article that I read from the magazine was “Georgia Southern Alumnus Searches for Major League Baseball’s Next Big Thing.” Articles like this one are what bring recognition to our school. Dustin Evans, a GSU alumnus, is now a scout for the Seattle Mariners, and is searching for new players to draft. This article really hits home for a lot of people in the Southern community because it shows how such great things are born from within our school. Evans is a former player for the GSU Eagles and as well as the Atlanta Braves. Having an alumnus who has accomplished something so special really inspires a lot of students and prospective students to love Georgia Southern.

Georgia Southern has had many famous public figures graduate from the university. Often times, the school is the foundation for the person’s talents and creations. Michael Knight, who was on Project Runway, and now has his own fashion line, is another example of a famous alumnus. Even with the attendance of Jimmy Carter as a guest speaker, having people like this is what inspires students and really makes them appreciate their school. As far as the Fall 2013 issue, I hope that Georgia Southern Magazine continues to focus on important events like the ones mentioned previously.Image

3 PR Blogs to Strike My Interest


Online social media is very pertinent to this day and age as technology has hit it’s all time high. One form of social media that has worked its way to the top, that is often overlooked, is blogging. Ordinary people now get paid to write about their thoughts or experiences. Almost every business has jumped on the blogging bandwagon as well. Keeping audiences updated with information is what keeps an audience alive and engaged. I have recently read three blogs pertaining to public relations that I thought were worthwhile.

Shel Holtz, of Holtz Communication and Technology, has a blog titled A Shell of My Former Self. Holtz writes a blog post every Friday called the ‘Friday Wrap.’ He posts things that are very current and in the now, like technology and social media. A few things that I liked about this blog in particular, are the fact that Holtz molds his posts to make the reader feel as if it was written for them. He often includes words like ‘you’ and always chooses a topic that is relevant to almost every reader. I also enjoy that instead of daily or every now and then posts, he chooses to post every Friday. This way, the reader has something to look forward to at the end of the week, and you aren’t overwhelmed with daily posts.

The Flack by Peter Himler looks into the role of Public Relations within politics, journalism, social media, and other broad topics. His blog reflects many qualities that readers seek out when choosing a blog to follow. In every post, Himler includes sub-links that take you to different websites for the words or topics that he has written about. This gives readers the option of having a better understanding upon his topics. Another thing that I liked about this blog is that not only does he also discuss current, popular topics, but he provides videos, photos, and newspaper articles that relate to his post that make it more entertaining.

Spin Sucks by Gini Dietrich is the last blog that I read. This was perhaps my favorite blog to go through. The topics that she chooses to write about, in my opinion, are more interesting. They are different from other broad topics in the sense that these topics are more narrowed down and diverse. Most authors write to make their readers fell as thought the posts are about them, but Dietrich strays away from this tactic. You can tell that she wrote the posts as she includes herself in almost every one and shares her experiences. This was refreshing to me as I was reading some of her posts, and this might be a blog that I will start to follow.