Thoughts on a Media Release with Emotional Appeal

FirstTeeofStPaulatHighlandGroupphoto First Tee Swings into Birmingham City Schools—Helping Students Link Golf Skills with Life Lessons Press Release)

The First Tee press release offered a large impact towards the program itself, as well as associated companies. The construction of this release in particular, was very well thought out and put together. The release starts out with basic and important facts about the First Tee program, the schools that will be adopting this program and the power companies that are subsidizing the program as well as the Birmingham schools.

As the release goes on and the facts are being listed, there is almost a story being intertwined among the ‘dry’ information. The story focuses on the young children within the schools that will reap the benefits of the First Tee program. Crafting a story among improving children’s lives is always an ample tactic to pull on a reader’s emotional strings. Towards the end of the media release, not only does the text narrow in on the accomplishments and company propositions, but it wraps up with fragments of generic and historic information about to First Tee program. This media release did a lot of good for all companies mentioned as well as the schools in the Birmingham area by granting them a sufficient amount of publicity.